Monday, January 6, 2014

Coltrane's 4th Birthday

Coltrane.  Chimichongo.  Little Bitty.  Chongo.  Chunk.   Chunkeroo.   Happy 4th birthday to you.

This year, as part of my simplifying, I'm not throwing big birthday parties (Kingston's not so sure about this idea of mine).  It's kind of a big deal around here to throw hand made, or party planned, lavish parties...been there, done that.  No thankya.   It's the little things after all and you'll be able to see the pure surprise/happiness that just a present or two (okay or three or four or five or six) can bring to a 4 year old.  Having friends and whole classrooms of kids tearing through food, crafts and decorations, I painstakingly put together, not to mention the cost of it all ain't my thang and it isn't Coltrane's thing either, he just wants donuts, legos and one friend and his brother to play with...yet I digress.  Our sweet baby Coltrane is 4 years old.  I can't believe it, like I still think you're 18 months old.  You make us laugh Coltrane - loud, hearty belly laughs.  You fill our hearts and complete our family. 

"I'm a lucky man, now that I'm four."

His all time favorite, Shipley's Donuts on a cake!  Thank you Grandma!
Iron Man 3 Lego Set.  Thank you Grammy
A puzzle people.  A puzzle. Sweet boy.

>> The "man" also told me that he doesn't need to wear a shirt to bed anymore <<


  1. A special day for such a special, sweet, fun Coltrane. Gorgeous photo. I feel as though I was there!

  2. BEautiful. And donuts on a cake! I'm in!

  3. Happy birthday! And I love the idea of simplifying birthdays this year--it's something that's been on my mind too!

    1. Thanks Ashley. Don't be afraid to simplify ;-)